June-August 1000 € /week 10 € 800 € /week 800 € /week
Midsummer day 1500 € 10 € 800 € 800 €
Christmas/New years eve 1500 € /week 10 € 800 € /week ---
Other time 800 € /week 10 € 450 € /week 450 € /week
Weekend (Fri-Sun) 450 € 10 € 300 € 300 €
24h-period 200 € 10 € 150 € 150 €

In Mäntyniemi the prices include 8 persons (the number of beds). There are 4 beds for extra persons in the barn. In Saranpää the prices include 5 persons. Successive weeks -10 % off. Prices include added value tax (appartment rental 10%, other services 24%).

 * Outboard motor (5hp) 30€ /week, 15€ /weekend+ fuel
 * Bedclothes for rent 15€ /person (week)
 * Cleaning 70-100€
 * Plug point for car or wagon 20€ /week, 10€ weekend
 * Sauna-towels rent 10€ /piece
 * Pre-heating of sauna 30€
 * Birch-switch 5€ /piece
 * Laptop computer 30€ /week
 * Mobile internet connection 15€/ week
 * Arrangement of service 50€ /hour
 * Fish license

According to agreement: service, boat-trips, river rafting, sightseeing, fishing licenses, fishing equipment etc.

1. If the rent-period is a week or longer, the first/last day is saturday. The rent-period begins approx. at 15.00 and ends at 12.00 on the appointed saturday. The weekend rent begins on friday at 18.00 and ends on sunday at 18.00 or according to agreement. Evening-, dayoccasions and overnight stays according to agreement. During the summer, reservations for weekends, days or nights must be made at least one week before the rent-period begins.

2. The reservation is valid when the advance payment 100€/week is paid.The rest of the rent must be paid 4 weeks before the rent-period begins. If the reservation is made later than 4 weeks before the rent-period begins, the whole rent must be paid in full including the advance payment. Weekend reservations and evening occasions must be paid immediately when reserving. Business affairs/meetings will be charged afterwards.

3. The customer must inform of any cancellations immediately, preferably in writing. The cancellation fee is 85€ (the advance payment) if the cancellation is made 15 days before the rent-period begins. If the cancellation is made later than 15 days before the rent-period begins, the customer must pay the whole rent price. If the customer wants to make a new reservation when cancelling, an extra fee 100 € will be charged. In this case, the price for the cancelled rent-period will not be charged. The landlord (Heimark Ky) can cancel the reservation in case of a Force Majeure. The landlord must present a written explanation and/or a doctor's certificate. In this case all fees will be returned to the customer, except for moderate office and service fees.

4. The customer will receive the keys to the accomodation on the appointed time in Mäntyniemi, Saranpää or Saarimökki. The customer can leave the keys on the kitchen table when leaving.

5. The rent price in Mäntyniemi includes the right to use the villa, the barn, the sauna, the grill, the boat, the furniture, the cooking-ware, the TV-video, DVD, the stereoradio and CD-player, electricity, water and firewood. In Saranpää all of the above except for the boat and firewood. The customer/customers can rent the linen or bring their own. The cleaning can be carried out by the customer or it can be ordered separately. Other products/services are charged according to our price-list or offers.

6. There are 8 beds in Mäntyniemen villa, the use of extra beds must be agreed separately. There are 4 extra beds in the barn. In Saranpää there are 5+2 beds. Saarimökki 3+3. The use of a tent or a caravan must be agreed separately. Any damage caused to the property or land must be paid in full by the customer/customers case-specific. No cats or dogs can be taken indoors without the landlords permission.

Fishing is permitted only with a license. Be sure that you have all the proper licenses for fishing!

These terms and conditions are valid when the reservation fee and/ or the rent is paid.




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